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Digging Your Data Storage Options

If small businesses and individual users have special questions about data storage options, IT consulting services can give them some of the answers they are looking for. Records technology has advanced from paper hard copy to various means of digital storage. But what methods of storage are the best for the specific needs of the user?…
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Powering Up With Batteries

Batteries have become one of the most common pieces of technology computer repair businesses around the world see. Batteries, especially rechargeable batteries, are used in almost all electronic devices. What use would all of these high-tech mobile devices be without a battery? Batteries are used in almost everything from simply powering one’s cell phone up…
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Preventing Computer Viruses

Taking Steps To Avoid Repairs A well prepared computer support company is ready to assist you with the threats from computer viruses that are increasing at an alarming rate. Erick Eckel technology professional states, “Oh, the deck is stacked. Don't think for a minute it's not. As a technology professional responsible for securing office networks,…
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Google Glass Arrives

Changes and advances in computer technology are quickly zooming into territory that previously belonged only to science fiction. One of the most recent of these developments is the introduction of the Google Glass, wearable technology giving the wearer a display mounted on a frame resembling ordinary eyeglasses. The announcement of this device excited a lot…
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Free Financial Apps of the Day

The App Store is littered with amazing programs that will help you maximize your phone’s abilities and daily efficiency… or simply offer another time killing vice to your collection. Some of them cost $.99 and up, but many of the best ones are actually free.  Featured Financial Apps Here are a few Free Financial Apps…
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5 Pillars of IT Consulting in Los Angeles (or anywhere else)

When it comes to IT consulting, there are five important pillars to remember. Keeping in mind the following principles of IT consulting will help to ensure a satisfactory interaction for both consultant and client. They allow the consultant the ability to provide more objective advice, and also help to give the client the confidence to…
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Viruses and other infections are starting to get smarter

I have noticed in my daily infection removal work here at the PC Fixer Los Angeles computer repair headquarters that the infections are getting smarter.  Case in point:  I have noticed that the computers can seem normal, that is until you discover that only their browsers have been hijacked and the rest of the computer…
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Security Innovation at Cornell

Cornell researchers have begun developing a technique that builds security into a computer system from the start. By incorporating security in the language used to write the programs, Myers and Schneider are changing the norm  of defenses only improving after they've been successfully penetrated. The research partners are working on a new computer platform they've…
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Internet Addiction taken SERIOUSLY in China

Approximately 24 million young people in China are addicted to the internet, half of which are specifically “obsessed” with online games. Treatment centers have appeared around the country, ready to treat the problem and ‘cure’ these young people from a terrible, deathly serious affliction. An official from these camps has gone on record to explain…
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