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computer repair in los angeles

Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. When computers go down, it can be very disruptive, whether you are a business or a residential user.  PC Fixer understands the importance of having your computer systems fully functional, and we're proud to offer the best computer repair in Los Angeles. We'll come to where you are and make sure your computers stay stay up and running.

PC Fixer provides the very best in-home computer service, as well as business computer service for companies of all sizes. Our network of related businesses can handle anything from a laptop screen repair to a full office networking installation.

Computer Hardware and Networking

PC Fixer technicians are experienced with all makes and models of computers. We work on everything from network servers to personal computers, desktop computer repairs  to notebooks, and adware removal to laptop repair. We even service personal devices such as the BlackBerry.

Our trained and experienced techs are ready to solve fundamental computer hardware problems as they arise. They can also identify potential trouble during routine maintenance. Rely on PC Fixer for such important hardware repairs and upgrades as:

  • Motherboard replacement
  • Expansion cards
  • Memory upgrades
  • Backup hardware
  • Power supply replacement
  • Optical drive repair
  • Cabling
  • Network setup
  • Keyboards and mice upgrades

Hardware upgrades are a great way to keep an existing machine running smoothly with the most current versions of operating systems and software.

Operating Systems Upgrades

PC Fixer can work on any operating system, no matter how outdated or specialized. If you're in the Los Angeles area, we can upgrade your OS, scan your files to optimize the machine’s functions and help it run faster. If you're struggling with the changeover to Windows 10, we can install and optimize it for you quickly and inexpensively. We specialize in solving tough virus and adware removal and other malware problems. We install secure firewalls that will keep you protected.

  • Operating system installation
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Scans and sweeps for malware
  • Virus removal
  • Firewall installation
  • Other security options

Computer problems often start with malfunctions in your operating system or other basic programs. PC Fixer techs are trained and experienced in resolving fundamental operating system problems to get you back up and running quickly.

Computer Repair in Los Angeles Includes Peripherals

PC Fixer isn't just a hardware or software specialist. Our techs are well-versed in all the peripheral devices that make your computer more useful. Consumers often assemble their computer setups using peripherals from many different manufacturers. This can lead to problems with incompatibility. If you're struggling with ailing printers, dying monitors, aging cables, broken sound systems, or external hard drives, our technicians are trained to handle them all.

PC Fixer works hard to find the best, most cost-effective solutions to your computer peripheral problem.

Software Conflicts and Adware Removal

Software is just as important as hardware when it comes to computer performance. Our experts are trained to search out software conflicts that can mimic problems with the computer hardware. We also perform scans to reveal and remove any malware hiding in your files.

Once malware issues are out of the way, PC Fixer technicians determine if all your software programs are functioning correctly. Many times, program files become corrupted, especially when they're being automatically updated. We'll help you install or reinstall your programs, making sure all your software is working as designed.

PC Fixer can also provide training on many of the most popular software programs. If you need help with basic word processing programs, spreadsheet programs, presentation programs, or more specialized programs for desktop publishing and image manipulation, our technicians will be glad to show you how to get started. Even advanced users can benefit from our in-depth knowledge.

PC Fixer knows that having a useful computer system depends on more than just the hardware. We work hard to make sure your software is working as well as your hardware.


Data Recovery and Storage

PC Fixer offers expert computer repair in Los Angeles, including hard drive replacement. Unfortunately for many computer users, a hard drive replacement only solves half of the problem. The data stored on the typical hard drive can be much more valuable than the hardware. If you're a business, the loss of vital records can quickly turn into a loss of income. For the home user, precious files like family photos or financial information can be lost in an instant. Not to worry. PC Fixer can also retrieve data from damaged disk drives.

PC Fixer are experts at recovering lost or corrupted files, and they can also suggest redundant data storage strategies to guard against a repeat of the problem.  If you need to transfer data between machines, we can either perform that transfer for you or give you the means to do it yourself.

Examples of our computer repair in Los Angeles:

Contact us today about your data recovery issues!

Networking Computers

Networking is becoming an increasingly important part of our in-home computer service and small business IT support. Computer networks are nothing new in the business world, but more homes than ever require shared Internet access as well as wireless connections for media devices and printers. PC Fixer is able to solve tricky cabling problems that can leave the most tech-savvy home user stumped.

Computer security is often overlooked when setting up a network. PC Fixer will make sure your newly connected devices are secure from external threats. We're one of the few IT consultants in Los Angeles that are familiar with both office and home networking devices and methods. We feel that everyone deserves top-notch computer repair in Los Angeles, and PC Fixer is here to provide it on call.

We can design the set-up of your network, from physical layout to your hardware needs (servers and terminals) to the security software necessary to combat malware infection. Whether you are using a wireless network or a cabled one, our team can resolve any problem.  If you need a DMZ between your core server and the internet, we can design one for your situation. If you need a virtual private network (VPN) to connect remote workers to the office, we will help you choose the best one for your application.

For home or office, PC Fixer has the network solutions for you. Call us today!

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