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IT Consulting Los Angeles

IT consulting los angeles

IT consulting Los Angeles residents can call to their home or office for the ultimate in convenience.

Business and personal computer users often need advice about the proper components and peripherals that will best meet their needs. Unfortunately, they're not always able to talk to an unbiased expert about their setup. Salesmen for the computer equipment can't always be trusted to give an honest appraisal of the gear and services they sell.

Most homes and offices prefer to use a mix of equipment from several manufacturers to get the best performance, so it's important to talk to an IT consultant that knows about more than a few brands.

Truly Unbiased Answers

That's why PC Fixer is the perfect answer for your IT consulting. Los Angeles consumers and businesses rely on us for computer repair no matter what the brand, so they can be sure we know our stuff. If you want to be certain you are making the best selection of equipment for your computing needs, talk to one of our tech specialists first. PC Fixer will work with you to assess the exact type of computing power you need. Our computer consulting expertise will end up saving you money in the long run by avoiding maintenance and repair pitfalls.

The IT Consulting Los Angeles Businesses Rely On

PC Fixer will  bring our business computer service to you. We pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service for small business IT support and other business computer services. Our trained and experienced techs will analyze your equipment use and systems operation, and then help you design and implement a plan for today's use with an eye toward future growth. By discussing your current needs and your future plans, PC Fixer will help you schedule appropriate maintenance, system upgrades, and future purchases of additional computers and peripherals, all with an eye toward your budget.


  • Domain or Active Directory Design
  • Migration Planning & Assessment
  • Application Integration Assessment
  • Security Plan & Design
  • Disaster Avoidance & Recovery Planning
  • Total Cost of Ownership Assessment


  • Network Configuration and Deployment
  • Incremental, Parallel or System-Wide Deployment
  • Security Systems and Procedures Deployment
  • Disaster Prevention & Recovery Implementation
  • Application Integration
  • Messaging and Data Sharing
  • Network Optimization and Monitoring

The IT Consulting Los Angeles Consumers Need

Individual computer users may feel they have no need for consulting services. However, with the ever expanding selection of devices, getting sound advice from PC Fixer could save you big money. The consultants at PC Fixer can help you determine if the tablet you are contemplating purchasing will be able to communicate with your PC or laptop. If you freelance in areas such as graphic design and 3D image rendering, our consultants will be able to help you be sure that your machine can process and render the images. (Did you know that most laptops, though able to play 3D animations do not have a video card powerful enough to do the rendering of original animations?)

Contact PC Fixer today if you are planning any sort of computer purchase for your business or home. Our highly trained staff can advise you on your best choices, once they know what you need, why you need it, and what you want to achieve with your computer.

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