Free Financial Apps of the Day

The App Store is littered with amazing programs that will help you maximize your phone’s abilities and daily efficiency… or simply offer another time killing vice to your collection. Some of them cost $.99 and up, but many of the best ones are actually free.

 Featured Financial Apps

Here are a few Free Financial Apps for your banking needs that are definitely worthy of adding to your download queue.

  • For all you bank account users and credit card owners, most of the leading institutions offer up free app’s to help you monitor your spending activity, pay bills, or even pay your own bill through the app. Chase and American Express both have highly reviewed apps that are available for no cost. Bank of America and Capital One also offer free app’s but the current versions are quite buggy and reviewers thus far haven’t been too impressed.
  • offers a free app to compliment their excellent website which helps you monitor your daily spending habits and budget your money. The app is great for adding the day’s cash transactions to your log while on the go.
  • Checkbook is a free app that allows you to balance your checkbook (believe it or not!) on the go. You can track multiple accounts at the same time as well. You can’t beat the price and the reviews for this one are out of this world.
  • Paypal has a free app on the market that’s great for tracking all your eBay purchases and payments to your out of town friends…or whatever else you use Paypal for. Its very clean and user friendly.
  • My Verizon is an app provided by the cell carrier that enables you to track your minutes, data usage, and pay your bill when necessary.
  • Tip Check is another freebie which will calculate or suggest the appropriate tip amount/percentage for hundreds of services and miscellaneous options.

As you can see your App Store options are endless. For more advice call the friendly technicians at LA PC Fixer Computer and Laptop Repair at 310.751.6555. Hit the Search query and go nuts!

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