Viruses and other infections are starting to get smarter

I have noticed in my daily infection removal work here at the PC Fixer Los Angeles computer repair headquarters that the infections are getting smarter.  Case in point:  I have noticed that the computers can seem normal, that is until you discover that only their browsers have been hijacked and the rest of the computer seems fine albeit slower.  Then a web search shows how the hijacked computer has been compromised because every search you perform takes you to a fake results page.  I discovered this after working on a computer that was severely infected with multiple types of malware.  I cleaned all of the infections off of the computer with Combofix and an Avast boot-time scan and everything seemed normal.  In fact, the computer would go to any website you asked it to IF you typed it into the address bar.  It wasnt until you did a search that you noticed something was screwy.  I ended up getting rid of it with a SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition scan and finally got rid of the infection.  A subsequent scan with MalwareBytes Free served a finishing scan that made me feel better about returning a fixed laptop to a satisfied customer.  The installation of Comodo Free Firewall ensured me that this type of infection would not happen again.

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