Being Computationally Equipped – The Adventures of Knut Technogeek

Last week, Knut’s sister called him to say that her old computer had broken down. She asked his advice about what she should do for a replacement, and Knut didn’t have a good answer for her. He realized that his own computer at home was almost as old has hers had been, and that maybe he too should consider getting a new machine.

When he started looking into newer computers he became overwhelmed by all his options. Everything sounded so wonderful! But he didn’t know what he needed, let alone what the best choice to make.

Getting Advice to Be Well Equipped

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Once upon a time, we didn’t have very many options when it came to personal computing. You got what you got and that was the end of it. But now, we have technologies for all levels of computer. When you go looking for a new computer, you ought to consider what you need the machine for.

Know the Limits of Your Machine

The average computer user is not necessarily going to be aware of the limits of the machine they have purchased. And that can lead to potential problems. Suppose the user has only a laptop computer but needs to create 3-D animations (being a beginning student of that skill). Many laptops do not actually have the processing power to render such images. They may be fine for viewing videos and games, but their circuits cannot handle the more complicated tasks of creating the imagery. You could damage the hardware, burning out the chips, by making the computer do labor it is not designed to handle.

But if all you use your computer for is light word processing and accounting, plus internet surfing and email, with a bit of gaming and movie watching, do you really need a powerful desktop with high capacity memory and a super-duper video card?

What Are the Options for Devices?

These days, users have choices ranging from desktop personal computers, to laptops and netbooks, down to the latest tablets. Each brings a different advantage to the table.
Desktop personal computers frequently can deliver higher processing power to the user. For a user who uses programs that require a lot of rendering and computations, the advantages of having a machine with powerful processors are great. The drawback, of course, is that a desktop computer is not particularly mobile. Even with the dwindling size of chips and drives, a desktop still requires a committed spot.

Laptops and netbooks provide increased mobility, meaning you can take your work anywhere. This is a distinct advantage if your work or needs require frequent relocation for any reason. Many laptops can equal a desktop in multiple functions. The limits on a laptop are the size and weight of them. Programs that create a heavy drain on the processor can cause the laptop to overheat and become damaged as a result.

Tablets have an ever greater degree of mobility than a laptop. But because they are designed more as a more passive tool, there are (at present) limits to what you can do on them. But they are useful for simpler functions – taking notes during lectures or meetings, basic document processing. They are very useful for having documents in hand for meetings, and they can serve as e-readers. Indeed, the difference between e-readers and tablets is decreasing with each generation of reader.

Consult an Expert

The best option is to consult with a computer expert as to what your computing needs really are. The sales staff at an electronics store is not necessarily going to have the kind of knowledge to help you select the machine you need. And if they are working on a commission, their object is to sell you the most expensive computer you will buy, not the one that serves you best. But consultants like the experts at PC Fixer will discuss with you your specific computer needs in order to provide you with the machine (or multiple machines) best suited to you.

So much work, commerce, and communication happens through computers these days, no one really wants to be without a computer of some sort. Choosing the right computer isn’t just about getting “the latest thing” or even the most expensive thing. Why spend your money on a computer with high processing power if all you are doing is reading and writing emails, watching videos, and playing games?

Knut realized that both he and his sister needed sage advice in selecting the best computers for each of them. In meeting with the computer consultant they each described the different types of uses they needed. Knut was surprised to learn that his sister had gotten into various types of graphics work. His first impulse had been to recommend a laptop for her, but once the expert explained what she needed, Knut realized how badly he could have chosen. For his own uses, since his computer needs were simpler, he found that a combination of laptop and tablet would cover all his bases.

They ended up saving money on their combined purchases. Not to mention they found an amazing deal on an iPad case made of solid wood at a unique gadget store in Venice Beach called Tech Studio.

Knut was wise enough to know what he didn’t know about computers, and to ask an expert for help.

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