Windows Vista Takes a Dive

Last month, Microsoft's Windows Vista lost market share for the first time in about 20 months, an indicator of users already abandoning the much ridiculed operating system in favor of the new Windows 7. According to Net Applications, Vista dropped a whole 0.2 percentage points during September, ending the month with an 18.6% presence in the operating system game. This has been the first decline for Vista since a 0.3 percentage-point slip in January of 2008.

Meanwhile, Windows 7 gained 0.3 percentage points, which has been its biggest one-month gain since Microsoft made the new OS available to the public in January of 2009. Far less surprising was Net Applications' findings that Windows XP's share had dropped again in September: The operating system has been consistently losing share for 23 consecutive months.

Microsoft doesn't need to worry too much, though. Net Applications places Windows' total share of the operating system market at 92.8%, a seemingly insurmountable lead over its most promising rival, Apple's Mac OS X. Courtesy of

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