How To Recycle Your Old Gadgets

Take it to Best Buy: This Feb. Best Buy has adopted a consumer friendly electronics recycling program. They accept most electronics, including TVs, computers and DVD players. However Best Buy does not take TVs and monitors larger than 32 inches. Also, you must pay $10 to recycle a TV, monitor or laptop but in exchange for the fee,  Best Buy gives you a $10 gift certificate. 

Third-party recycling options: The EPA has a list of recommended recyclers that specialize in electronic gear

Turn old gadgets into cash: Gazelle is a reseller that will pay money for used electronics. If there's no resale value in your item, it will then get recycled at no cost to you. Simply type the gadget you want to sell into the Gazelle search bar, and answer a few questions about its condition.

Manufactures recycling programs:  See list below of common manufactures and their policy on recycling.

Apple Recycling old Macs, iPods and Apple displays is no charge if you first buy a new Mac, iPod or Apple display.  If you do not to buy a new Apple item, you can pay thirty dollar to recycle it through  an Apple recycling vendor.

Samsung  All Samsung-branded electronics are accepted at various drop-off locations for no fee. Recycling toner cartridges is free. at Samsung's website just print out a label and off it goes.

Hewlett-Packard Inkjet or laserjet cartridges are free to recycle. Check cartridge boxes for return materials.

Panasonic: All Panasonic products, including TVs and batteries, are free to recycle  when you drop the off at an MRM Recycling location.

Dell  All Dell-branded notebooks, flat-panel monitors, printers, and scanners are free to recycle. See Dell web site for details

Sony: for no fee, it will take back any used Sony product and recycle it.

Toshiba:  offers a trade-in program for you to get some money off your used gadgets. Products with no market value are recycled free.

Motorola:  Pre-paid postage packets are included with many of Motorola’s new mobile phone models

Canon: Consumers can send back any Canon product for recycling for a fee. The fee structure is based on product you want to recycle

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