From Tamagochi to Webkinz

Many of you may remember the excitement around 1996 to 1998 over Tamagochis.  The novel virtual pets were cute eggshaped keychains that had animals you played with, fed, cleaned up after and loved.  The Japanese toy excited all ages of American kids who wanted to play with them.  Around that same time Ty Beanie Babies were also dominating kids and collectors alike.  So here we are about 10 years later and the two ideas have become Webkinz. 

Webkinz are stuffed animals that you purchase in a store and each one has an individual security code to register them online.  Now your toy in hand is a virtual pet in it's own game world on line.  Once again you can feed, love, play with and, even, heal back to health your new friend.  Similar to the original Beanie Baby idea, many Webkinz are limited edition.  Of course, the more you have the more on line perks available.

This is not a promo, but more of a note in how traditional toys and technological toys can come together.  It leaves much room for curiousity as to the future of where tangible and virtual will collide.

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