Straight outta West Los Angeles…from the trenches of the Malware Battleground!

I didnt have to fight one virus or spyware today! This is highly unusual. I think it is because I only worked on 6 computers today at 3 different clients. The first client has no qualms about admitting to downloading porn. In fact, PC Fixer showed him how to download it "safely". We set him up with ZoneAlarm Firewall with spam and spyware protection and Eset NOD32 Antivirus over a year ago. He regularly scans with Spyware Doctor 4.0 and he has not had a serious infection ever since. And this person had thousands of infections when PC Fixer first started working with him.

Our second appointment was to help a client share calendars without an Exchange Server. We set him up with a special program that allows him to do this for his Airplane Set business for the movie industry. You can checkout his site here:Aero Mock-Ups. Things went relatively smoothly and the client was very happy.
The third appointment I personally did was to help a client prepar himself and his assistant for a two week vacation trip. Windows Briefcase is a handy little tool but for some reason it would not add the clients QuickBooks folder. I will have to reseach that a little bit more.

In other News, my lead technician, Jacky, had some fights of his own while the two newest guys, Matt and Andrew were busy taking care of smaller jobs. Thanks for reading. 
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