Mac’s New CheckUp 2.5 Anticipates Snow Leopard

App4Mac has announced a comprehensive update for CheckUp which will both improve the interface and add other enhancements to the system maintenance tool. CheckUp is compatible with PowerPC G4, G5, and Intel-based Macs, primarily checking on disks and memory in addition to monitoring memory, CPU, disk drive, and network adapter usage. Specific rules can be set by the user which are automatically triggered by certain conditions. This special feature enables CheckUp to send alerts about possible hardware issues.

CheckUp 2.5's updated user interface features improvements to the system and fonts views, while users now have the option to export graph data, change the default application for any document they wish, or select a folder for indexing certain documents. The 2.5 update means that CheckUp is now compatible with newly released Mac hardware and prepares the application for Snow Leopard, the next major update to Mac OS X which is due out later this year.

CheckUp 2.5 is a free update for existing users, costing about $41 for new users. Checkup 2.5 is currently available as a beta,  with a final version being released on July 14. Courtesy of

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