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Do you have an Antivirus Software? Can Windows Defender do the Job?

The world of technology is always changing. But, you can always count on the danger of contracting a computer virus. Ever since the first virus was created, antivirus software has been fighting them. Over the years, antivirus software has changed a lot. In the beginning, the only way to get a virus was through floppy…
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Boost Your Aging PC with These 5 Easy Cleaning Tips

We all know how frustrating it is to have to work with a slow computer. Sometimes, it seems like you’ve had two cups of coffee before your computer even boots up! Computer home repair experts agree that not only are slow computers frustrating to deal with, but also cost you precious time. For most business…
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Active Directory

Active Directory Setup and Conversion Services If you are a business running your network on Microsoft Windows Servers, PC Fixer can make sure that you are getting the best advantage out of the Active Directory service. Our Microsoft Certified experts can evaluate your usage and help you frame your Active Directory to your needs. PC…
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