Active Directory

Active Directory Setup and Conversion Services

If you are a business running your network on Microsoft Windows Servers, PC Fixer can make sure that you are getting the best advantage out of the Active Directory service. Our Microsoft Certified experts can evaluate your usage and help you frame your Active Directory to your needs.

PC Fixer can help you deploy Active Directory for you, letting you take advantage of the features that will best serve your business needs. When it comes to managing information technology, our experts bring understanding and imagination to your problems. Because we are trained in the features of Active Directory, we can recommend the options that will help your business work most efficiently.
The benefits in using the Active Directory are many:
  • Centralized management
  • Scalability
  • Ease of delegating administrative authority
  • Increasing the Productivity of Users
  • Reducing the Burden of IT Administration
  • Improving Fault Tolerance to Minimize Downtime
  • Enhancing Security to Provide Better Peace of Mind
  • Leveraging the Capabilities of Active Directory-enabled Applications
Organizations that use Active Directory have been able to realize how much time they spent keeping their old networks marginally operational. Once the PC Fixer experts get the service running for them, they appreciate the dramatically minimized administration time and effort required for old tasks. They also see significant improvements in user productivity. These highly desirable benefits can be yours too!
Because our PC Fixer technicians are trained to work with all models of Servers, you do not need to be concerned about the age of your equipment. Our desire is to provide the most cost-effective service possible to our clients. This is why we stay familiar with older models. We will make sure your servers are in the best repair possible, and that your software is up to date.
Contact PC Fixer today and take advantage of the benefits that using the Active Directory service can bring.

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