Small Business IT Support: Network Monitoring

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Remote Network Monitoring Services

small business it support -

Small business IT support from PC Fixer is the economical way to handle your network performance and security.

Small business IT support is no longer a luxury. If you are a business with more than two or three computers on your network, it's essential to monitor it.  If you're a company without an in-house IT Department, why not let PC Fixer provide economical small business IT support? Our certified expert technicians can supply remote network monitoring to keep your network up and running safely and efficiently.

Economical Business Computer Service

Remote small business it support saves you money when compared to having a full time staff member to look after your network. Few small businesses have the budget for a full IT position, so the duties usually become a small portion of one worker's day. That leads to gaps in coverage, which can spell trouble if your network safety is compromised.

Remote monitoring from PC Fixer provides accurate and immediate data to our specialists. Any internal problem that develops with your servers or other computers will trigger an alert. We understand how costly computer down-time can be for your business, and we respond promptly to all monitoring alerts.

Not Just Security. Performance Matters, Too

Network security is very important, especially if your business keeps sensitive financial data on your servers. But security is only part of the reason to employ PC Fixer as your off-site small business IT support. Network monitoring identifies performance problems like overloaded servers, faulty network connections, and communications failures between machines. These problems can cause slowdowns in handling data, and can also lead to cost overruns for bandwidth if you're not careful. They can also lead to premature hardware failures that lead to hefty computer repair bills.

PC Fixer uses the very best remote software on the market to look after your network. We know that hidden glitches can turn into big problems if they are not addressed early. Our monitoring tools keep track of traffic and usage, and they allow us to watch for a slowdown in responses or failures in data retrieval.

Common Small Business IT Support Services

  • Comprehensive gateway security
  • Anti-spam sweeps and security
  • Server uptime monitoring with alerts
  • Remote desktop assistance
  • Traveling executive remote help desk

Our team at PC Fixer knows that you have selected equipment that suits your needs. Our small business IT support experts are familiar with the full range of equipment and software on the market, both new and old. Our object is always to bring you the best, most cost-effective IT service in the greater Los Angeles area.

PC Fixer is conversant with the following popular network monitoring services:

PC Fixer will give you more small business IT bang for your networking monitoring buck. Contact us today for a consultation and estimate. We're ready to serve you!

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