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Computer Running Slowly or Freezing Up?

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A slowdown occurs in every computer over a period of time. Many of these reasons are typical and can be held off by regular maintenance. But there are others that are completely reversible. Here's a list of some common problems that PC Fixer finds during routine Malibu computer repairs:

  1. Start up overload: As you add additional programs to your system, they claim start-up status quickly and quietly. The more programs you have that are loading at start-up, the slower the start-up.
  2. Spyware: Malicious programs can stealthily embed themselves into your software through forwarded emails, free scans and downloads, and specific web sites.
  3. The Registry: The Windows Registry is the master control center for your operating system, and all of the applications it runs. Corruption or overload can cause performance problems, including applications at start-up, slow windows start-up, extremely slow shut-downs, and a general disruption of system processing.
  4. Badly Fragmented Hard Drive: Over time, your computer's files can be scattered over your hard drive; this is called fragmentation and a cause for file searches to be slower than usual. Drive defragmentation is a simple but often overlooked answer to this common problem.
  5. Poor Security Software: A large number of security programs and suites are bloated with software and demand a great deal of system resources. The constant surveillance of your system for malicious programs can cause your system to get sluggish. System security is essential, but some of the lesser known programs can be a source of system infestation themselves.
  6. Remnants of Uninstalled Programs: Occasionally, a program you uninstalled will leave behind traces of itself. This isn’t generally a problem but over time, these remnants can build up.
  7. The Page File: The Windows Page File is a temporary source of memory used by the system in processing functions. It is actually a buffer that is used for wiggle room. If your page file is too small, your operating system will not have enough room to move and the result will be poor performance and error messages.
  8. Too Many Windows and Temporary Files. Your hard drive could be jammed with useless files left over from re-installs and general use.
  9. Viruses: These can range from programs that cause your computer to function erratically to programs that actually cause irreparable damage to your system.
  10. Hardware Problems. Wear and tear, overheating and dust infiltration are only a few examples of solvable hardware issues.

Pop Ups Negatively Affecting Your Internet Experience?

Pop ups, while simply an advertising gimmick, can greatly change the way you experience the Internet. If you want to get rid of them altogether, call PC Fixer.

General Browser Pop-ups:

Basic pop-ups can appear as your surf the Web. These advertisement windows will appear over and under your browser window as you view Web pages. In some cases multiple windows will appear, often interfering with your ability to read the Web page.

Spyware Pop-Ups

Spyware is a form of malware. It occurs when you unwittingly install a hidden or misidentified program or script while installing something else. A common way to become a victim of spyware is to download certain programs. There are even malicious people who actually hide spyware in "anti-spyware" programs.

In addition to privacy issues, spyware may also monitor your surfing habits, install unwanted toolbars, and change your browser settings and homepage.

Keeping your system free of spyware pop-ups requires ongoing PC maintenance. It's far easier to protect your system on a daily basis than it is to recover it after it is already infected. Rely on PC Fixer for computer repair and maintenance in Malibu, or anywhere in the Los Angeles area.


Malibu Computer Repair Services

PC Fixer offers Malibu computer repairs for all your tech troubles. We help business and residential clients with a range of needs. No matter where you are in the Los Angeles area, our computer technicians will come to you!

Our PC Fixer services include:

  • Setting up wireless networks
  • Virus removal
  • Laptop repair
  • Desktop support
  • Network design and administration
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