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Rely on PC Fixer for cutting-edge advice on avoiding spyware, malware, rootkits, and office virus removal,

PC Fixer should be your first call when you suspect your computer is infected with a computer virus or spyware. If your computer begins to run slowly, or you notice unusual popup ads and redirects when surfing the web, you might be the victim of malware.

PC Fixer has rescued hundreds of computers from these unwanted programs, including pesky office virus removal. Our well-trained computer experts will remove the damaging code and give your PC or laptop a clean bill of health.

The Internet is awash with malware, spyware and viruses just waiting for an unsuspecting user to click on them. Newer versions of these programs can infect your computer without any action on your part. If an advertisement that contains javascript is infected with a computer virus, your computer can be compromised just by visiting the webpage.

Ready When You Need Us

PC Fixer provides fast, efficient service throughout the Los Angeles area for virus removal. We specialize in virus detection and eradication, rootkit detection and elimination, data recovery, in addition to office virus removal. There's no need to bring your computer in for service. With one call, you can have one of our highly trained and experienced tech come right to your door to fix your computer. They'll bring everything they need to diagnose and remove whatever malware your computer has picked up.

PC Fixer delivers personalized IT service, at reasonable costs. We stay updated on the latest viruses and the countermeasures needed to deal with them. We can isolate and remove any virus that infects your computer. In addition, we can suggest appropriate steps you can take to avoid a repeat of the problem.

Common Computer Virus Repairs

  • Virus removal
  • Spyware removal
  • Malware removal
  • Removal of Trojan horses and worms
  • Data recovery from crashes
  • And any other needed repairs!

In addition to the removal of malicious programs, the experts at PC Fixer can help you improve your security measures for you individual computers and your local area networks.  Once we have scanned and swept your system, we can upgrade all your security measures.

How PC Fixer Can Improve Your Security

  • Upgrade all virus definitions
  • Install the latest in firewall protection
  • Install the most effective ad blockers
  • Show you how to improve all your password security levels
  • Provide remote scanning and maintenance

Contact the experts at PC Fixer today, and we'll provide your computers with a completely clean bill of health!

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