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Los Angeles IT Services

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Depend on PC Fixer for Los Angeles IT services.

PC Fixer is the most computer repair company in Los Angeles. We're proud to offer our customers the largest possible menu of available services for computer repair and maintenance. We know how disruptive it can be to have a computer, laptop computer, server, or network out of commission, whether you're a business or home user. PC Fixer offers fast, mobile service that gets your equipment up and running faster than other companies answer their messages.

Is Your Business looking for Computer Repair Experts?

PC Fixer wants to make choosing us as your Los Angeles IT services company easy. That's why we're sure to offer all the different services that a modern business requires to stay connected in today's Internet economy. We're ready to take over all aspects of your computer support infrastructure. That saves you money on in-house personnel, and makes it easy to deal with any problems with one call to a familiar voice.

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Los Angeles IT Services We Offer

  • Is your computer running slowly?
  • Are you getting a "Counterfeit" message from Windows?
  • Windows logo not showing up?
  • Making strange noises?
  • Cannot connect to the Internet
  • Saying it has a virus?
  • Computer overheating or turning off sporadically?
  • General computer repair
  • Wireless Computer Networking
  • In need of a computer upgrade
  • PC unsecure and open to the public
  • Needs updated software or drivers?
  • Screen showing lots of errors?
  • Hasn't been serviced in a long time and needs an overhaul?

Los Angeles Laptop Repair Services:

  • Laptop overheating?
  • Laptop DC power jack repair
  • Laptop won't turn on?
  • Laptop needs more memory
  • Laptop running slow?
  • Laptop shutting down constantly?
  • Laptop needs an upgrade?
  • Laptop motherboard installation
  • Laptop software installation

Los Angeles Computer Networking Services:

  • Does your office need a new computer network?
  • Is your Email system not working
  • Is your staff unable to work because of network problems
  • Is Your Windows Server down?
  • Corporate computer support can't fix your networking problem?
  • Comcast or Verizon claim everything is fine but nothing works
  • Do you need help setting up a VPN
  • Install a new router, switch, firewall or server?
  • Switching Internet providers and need help migrating?
  • Complete network security audits
  • Network design and installation
  • Network hardware repair and troubleshooting

Los Angeles Computer Consulting Services:

  • Does your company need dedicated computer support that picks up the phone?
  • Do you need help selecting vendors for phone systems, online backup solutions or Internet providers?
  • Not sure how much you should be spending on your IT budget?
  • In need of a monthly PC maintenance contract?
  • Are you moving into a new office and need help with the move?
  • Upgrading many computers at once?
  • Changing antivirus vendors?
  • IT Project Management
  • Network and Server Monitoring and Alerts

Los Angeles Computer Support

  • Do you need help in multiple locations?
  • Can't wait for an onsite appointment
  • Need help after hours or weekends?
  • Need a remote network systems audit?
  • Help in a satellite office?
  • Mass computer updates and remote maintenance contracts
  • Remote virus and spyware removal
  • Remote computer training
  • Remote computer cleaning and optimization
  • Remote computer networking assistance
  • Remote server support
  • Remote software installation

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