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Los Angeles data recovery from PC Fixer can get back your precious data, and we can also set up a backup system to avoid further trouble.

PC Fixer is the Number One home computer service company in the Los Angeles area. We have a full menu of computer repair service for both individuals and business customers. If your computer, laptop, handheld device, or server needs repair or maintenance, you can count on us for fast, dependable service. Ask our existing customers about our service, and you'll see that we deliver great value for your money.

One of the most devastating computer problems we encounter is catastrophic data loss. When a hard drive or server goes down, the cost of the component might be the least of a customer's worries. Many people use their computers and laptops for work, and can't afford to lose important files due to a broken hard drive. Others have precious family photos and video that they could never replace. Not to worry. Contact PC Fixer immediately when you suspect that your data is in jeopardy, and chances are, we'll be able to recover it.

That's why PC Fixer offers on-call data recovery services all over the greater Los Angeles area. We can restore your files, and then guide you in the selection of the best means for backing up your data with your new, restored system. Once your files are restored, you can begin new practices in backing up your valuable information.

If your files are inaccessible on your machine for some reason, don’t panic. PC Fixer specializes in recovering data of all kinds, from presentations to bookkeeping records to all your email correspondence. We have nimble  mobile service to provide on-site restorations. In some cases, we may even be able to recover your data over a secure Internet connection. We pride ourselves on our quick response time.

System crashes and hardware damage are equally distressing for the computer user. We at PC Fixer understand this. Our team of technicians are trained to handle both hardware and software problems. Once your data is recovered, we can reinstall your programs and files. We will make sure you are satisfied before we consider any job completed.

Desktop Systems
RAID Arrays and Servers
Tape Cartridges and Automated Libraries
Laptop Systems
Removable Media Devices
Flash Cards and Digital Media
Any other data storage device


At PC Fixer, we understand that different people have different needs, and operate on different budgets. We have the tools and the expertise to help you with any recovery problem that you may encounter. Whatever data storage device you are using, from your computer hard drive to the data chip in your camera, we are trained in recovering the files for you.

You can start with a free phone consultation with PC Fixer, where we can quickly determine the type of assistance you need. We will give your device a full diagnostic evaluation using our secure data recovery lab. This will allow our specialists to accurately describe the problems associated with your media, and to provide you with a firm price for the full data recovery process.

Once you have approved the quote, our highly trained technicians will perform the data recovery. We will go “behind the code” in order to fully recover the data from the damaged media. You can rely on PC Fixer to give you the very best in Los Angeles data recovery for business computer customers  and home computer customers alike.

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