The 8 Most Useful Windows Shortcuts

home computer servicesKeyboard shortcuts for Windows have been making people’s lives easier since Microsoft introduced the world to Windows 3.1. Their latest version, Windows 10, comes with plenty of new built-in keyboard shortcuts, plus all the old favorites. Techies and contractors who offer business or home computer services usually know a lot of these shortcuts, because they do a lot of repetitive tasks on the keyboard and have to work fast. There's no reason you can't learn the same keyboard shortcuts for many functions you would normally perform with your mouse.

Why Not Just Use a Mouse?

Most people are most comfortable sitting at a computer with a mouse and keyboard attached. However, when you are working with a document, and you're typing with both hands, it may be easier to simply tap a couple of keys instead of reaching for your mouse.

In fact, you don't need a mouse to use your computer at all. You can control Windows entirely with just your keyboard. Knowing Windows shortcuts is really useful if your mouse is missing or no longer working. Other times,  you may have a mouse, but you may not have the room to use it, such as on a cramped bus seat.

So what are some of the favorite keyboard shortcuts used by the pros who work in business or home computer services? Let’s take a look at 8 of the most useful keyboard shortcuts you can use to increase your productivity today!

Basic Editing: Cut, Copy, Paste

CTRL + X to cut highlighted text (remove it and place it on the clipboard)
CTRL + C to copy text (place a copy of the text on the clipboard)
CTRL + V to paste text (copy the clipboard to the cursor position)
Home and business computer service techs use these three commands more often than any other keyboard shortcuts.  On a standard QWERTY keyboard, you can find these three keys right next to each other. Even better, your hands don’t ever have to leave the keyboard to use the shortcuts, saving you from having to reach for your mouse. Memorizing and using these three shortcuts to edit text will make all your jobs much easier.

Don’t forget, the shortcuts don’t just work with text.  Home computer services move all kinds of information quickly using copying and pasting. From spreadsheets and accounting software, to adware removal programs for business computer services, they all have some form of copying and pasting to make your life easier.

The Lifesavers: Undo and Redo

CTRL + Z to undo the last action taken
CTRL + Y to redo the last action taken
If you performed an action in your application that you really wish you hadn’t, like deleting a large volume of text, you can fix it quickly with the undo command. If you made a lot of mistakes, you can keep pressing undo to revert all the way back to where you started. On the opposite end, the redo key allows you to restore anything you previously used the undo function for. These shortcuts are especially useful for tasks such as image editing, where is very easy to make a mistake.

Take It All With You: Select All

CTRL + A to select everything in a document
If you need to select all the content of the document quickly, simply use the select all shortcut. This will select and highlight everything in the active window you are working in. For example, if you’re working with a text document, the select all command will highlight all the text in the document. This makes it easy to copy it to the clipboard to use elsewhere. In an image editing program, using the select all command will select the entire picture for you to work with.

Saving the World, Or At Least Your Documents.

CTRL + S to save a file
It is always a good idea to save your progress frequently, just in case disaster strikes. Many home computer service specialists lose hours of hard work simply because they forgot to regularly save their progress. A simple tap of the save keyboard shortcut only takes a second if your hands are already on the keyboard. This can help save a lot of headaches later on if your power goes out. It's always smart to save early and save often.

Finish Your Task and Close the Window

ALT + F4 to close your application

When your Task is finally complete, it’s time to close that application. But wait, don’t reach for that mouse yet! Instead, use the keyboard shortcut to quickly close your application. If you have not yet saved any changes, most applications will ask before closing. That way, you won't lose your work when you close the program. This shortcut works for just about every application. If a program gets stuck, or if you can’t find another way to exit the program, this keyboard shortcut might just do the trick for you.

Copy the Home Computer Services Pros With Shortcuts

With these eight keyboard shortcuts, you'll be on your way to the same kind of skills that  home computer services technicians use daily. By keeping your hands on the keyboard, you’ll save time, and keep more of your focus on your work. It will help you become more productive, too. And doesn’t being more productive feel good?

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