Computer Cabling Services

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PC Fixer has the computer support Los Angeles business and home office customers need, including expert cabling.

Computer Network Cabling Services

PC Fixer delivers the kind of computer support Los Angeles companies rely on to keep their businesses humming. We handle every aspect of small business IT support, from sophisticated network monitoring to simple laptop screen repair. No computer service job is too large or too small, and that includes overlooked chores like computer cabling services.

If you're like most businesses, computer cabling is an afterthought. As devices are added to your network, they are cabled to get them up and running. This quickly leads to problems with a tangle of cords. This can lead to more than an unsightly web of cables. Bad cabling can lead to performance problems. In event of a problem with your hardware, bad cabling can cause lengthy delays while technicians try to sort out connections from one device to another. Something as simple as a faulty cable or power supply will lead to a substantial repair bill that could have been avoided.

Our cabling service will lay out your power cords, Internet connections, printer cables, and all the other connections that run from machine to machine in your network. Just like our computer repair service, we come to your location, whether it's your office or your home, to provide the service you need.

The Computer Support Los Angeles Home Offices Need

It's not just business customers who can benefit from our cabling services. Many knowledge workers have substantial offices set up in their home. Home offices often have networks of hardware and peripherals that would have served a full business office just a few years ago. There's no reason why your home work space should become a nest of tangled cording.

Call PC Fixer and our technicians will come equipped with everything they need to reorganize those crucial cables. We address every concern related to proper cabling of your desktops and peripheral machines like printers, scanners, processors, and network switching devices. Our highly trained and experienced techs can also suggest cabling strategies that you might not have seen before.

We make sure all your cables are in good repair and that all your connections are properly made.  Our technicians will evaluate your work space and run your lines to your best advantage. PC Fixer's expertly trained staff will provide you excellent service at reasonable cost.

PC Fixer handles more than just data cabling:

  • Power cords
  • Internet connections
  • Printer cables
  • Scanner connections
  • Networking cables
  • Repairing damaged cords and cables

A PC Fixer specialist can add a single cable drop onto an existing LAN, or connect an entire site with multiple locations. Our certified technicians are experts at both LAN and WAN installation and service. We analyze your current and future needs with you your budget in mind.

Our experts design, install, certify, and maintain your network to meet your particular requirements:

  • Ethernet Cabling (Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6)
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes
  • Wireless Applications
  • Voice – Installation and Emergency Service
  • All other types of computer cables

When you want the best, most informed service in computer cabling services, call the experts at PC Fixer.

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