Zune.net receives new features and content

Zune was down recently as Microsoft updated its site to debut its new content on the website, such as the ability to follow artists and bands. The updates also included a bunch of improvements to the site performance and a redesigned homepage show off its social applications.

Zune users can now receive updates when their band or artist is on tour. Logging into the site will provide a list of their most frequently listened to artists or bands so users can  start choosing which group they would like to follow. A list of those who users are currently following will then appear on the social page. Another feature of the social page is that users can add news sites to an artist's bio page, so that all the updated blog posts can be seen from one area. The final upgrade to zune is the opportunity to preview or watch an artist's or a band's videos from within the social page and have access to more content such as concert dates. Microsoft is pushing as the "social" aspect of Zune to try and distinguish the device from what others would experience using comeptitors products.

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