Why do I have this machine? Things to Do With a Netbook

For simple browsing, e-mailing and perhaps even listening to music, the little laptops are ideal anything. Work related tasks however, are another story. Here are the top 5 (non work) uses for the netbook

Photo Assistant

Compare using a netbook to having to purchase extra memory cards that can run about 70.00 each.
A netbook is tiny, and can be thrown into any travel bag. The screen is large enough for editing, and all netbooks have SD card readers built in. Netbooks for sale have around 160GB hard drive so there’s plenty of space for your photo editing needs.

Traveling Researcher

Netbook is great if you like hanging out in Wi-Fi bars while on travel. Any question you have could be checked. It sounds simple but the change this makes to a conversation is incredible, if impossibly nerdy.


Download a clock screensaver and turn your netbook into a nightstand clock. Alternatively, use your netbook has the built-in ability to display a slideshow as a screensaver, and this can be used as a digital picture frame.

iTunes Streaming

Just hook the netbook up to the speakers and stream music from anywhere in the house

Laptop Tray

not kidding – when not in use the little netbook makes a great lap tray

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