Photoshop CS3 Software Issue Fixed

Today I visited SignZone in Los Angeles.  They have so many different machines...expensive printing machines.  Roland Plotter Cutter Model # CX-500 is a 48 inch machine!  SolJet Pro III XC-540 is a monster printer.  He even has a Royal Sovereign 54 inch color laminator.  Not to mention he has a CNC machine that cost 50,000 dollars.  To say he is prepared to makes signs is an understatement.  Chris is an expert in his field and his website,, is the best sign company in Los Angeles.  In fact, he frequently receives calls from other sign companies all around the United States who regard his expertise as one of the most valuable in the sign industry.  They frequently outsource sign work to Sign Zone because they have the equipment that many other sign companies dont.

Chris needed help with Adobe CS3.  The known issue of Illustrator and Photoshop not being able to save was fixed.  Apparently the window flashes for a second and then dissapears which apparently freezes the computer.  The fact is that it is not frozen but stuck because the "Save As" dialog is behind the program window.  Luckily there is an easy solution:  press escape to exit the "Save as" dialog.  Close the program and delete the program preferences.  Call us here at PC Fixer if you need help with the specifics.  Los Angeles Computer Repair has never been easier.

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