Sony Vaio Bumps Microsoft XP Virtualization

Sony PC customers who've forked over nearly $2,000 on a new Vaio laptop should let go of hopes of running Microsoft's XP virtualization technology in Windows 7. The consumer electronics giant has released a statement that it will enable Intel's Virtual Technology (VT), which supports Windows XP Mode in the forthcoming Windows 7, only on selected Sony Vaio models in the future.

Sony announced the policy news on VT support in the Vaio range after taking flack from customers who'd discovered that not a single member of the currently shipping Vaio family supports Intel's VT. VT is one of the features in the Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor the Vaios use. Sony bluntly admitted that it has deliberately blocked the BIOS in all current Vaios from working with hardware virtualization in the Core 2 Duo, to save the machines from "possible malicious code." Courtesy of

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