Songbird Bug Accidentally delete iPods songs

A critical bug has been discovered that deletes all music from an iPod when it's connected to The songbird Media Player.

The problem lies with an add-on that can delete or corrupt music from your iPod. At this time, the problem is only affecting a small number of users. Songbird has pulled the add-on from its recommended list. However users are still letting their anger be known on Songbird's site. Complaints range from lost music to posts that if Songbird wants people to use their product, they have to provide something worth using. Some say they are going back to itunes. That’s bad news for Songbird, especially since its trying to position itself as an iTunes replacement.

Songbird for the most part is much-improved over its latest version but When there’s a possibility of your music being deleted, it makes new customers cautious to try. Never hurts to be overly cautious and make backups.

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