Power Meters uses Twitter to report Energy Consumption

There are twittering athletes, celebrities, and now even appliances are getting into the twittering craze.

The Tweet-a-watt kit from Adafruit Industries lets users post the energy consumption of their refrigerator, TV, any appliance set daily to thier Twitter account. The idea, which won the Greener Gadgets Competition earlier this month, is now on sale for 90.00.  There is a joy in publishing one’s own daily kilowatts when Twitter users can compete for the lowest Watt numbers and also see how they’re usage compares to their friends.

Tweet-a-watt builds on a  power monitor  called Kill-a-Watt. Kill-a-Watt is a power meter that assesses how efficient they are and display consumption by the kilowatt.  Tweet-a-Watt takes that gadget to the next level by using a networking receiver so users can transmit power usage information to a computer receiver.  The receiver then can log, graph and even tweet that information to the public.

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