once-bankrupt CompUSA is making a comeback

CompUSA Comes Back From the Dead with about thirty new stores that comes with aggressive prices, remodeled stores, and in-store web access for comparison shopping.

Once part of the big three electronics retail stores in the country, CompUSA filed for bankruptcy two years ago due to high overheads and the inability to compete with online prices. But after reorganization and a buyout from Systemax, a major electronics retailer, CompUSA is back in business.

The in-store web access may be the biggest gamble, since it raises the possibility that you might use a CompUSA floor model to find a better deal on the web.

Keyboard’s in front of the products allow you to check out the specs and reviews. There's also custom information for each store, like how many are in stock.

It’s an untested concept. They will have to see if customers like to spend their time gathering information while shopping rather than doing it at home.. They are hoping customers still want to go stores to buy electronics.

If CompUSA can survive through the recession and manage its coststhe chain can hope for a future.

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