Make Some Money with YouTube

Yes, it's true you can actually make some money posting videos on YouTube.  What's even more exciting, is that many people are having some financial success doing so.  The opportunity is available through You Tubes partner program.  It was launched about a year ago and requires the following main 3 qualifications:

1.  You must be the creator of the original videos.  2.  You own the copyrights (no excpetions, here!) and 3.  You regularly upload videos to their site which are viewed by thousands of YouTube users.

YouTube places advertisements within and around the partner videos and splits the revenues with the creators.  While this may sound simple, it does require a bit of consistent work and effort.  You can't become a partner because one funny home video is being watched by millions.  It requires regular contributions and a following.  Ideally this allows one person media entrepreneurs to make some money with the simplest of equipment.

If you would like to read some more details on a the success of this program, check out the article:

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