L.A. Computing In The Future: Intel sees computers everywhere in your life

At LA PC Fixer we also try to stay on top of coming developments in the IT industry that is just beginning to radically change our ways of doing business and interacting with one another.

Toward that end, we've been following developments at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to report back to our Los Angeles audience on the latest trends in computing (and computer repair issues!)  One of the interesting notes struck this week was by Intel's CEO who sees a profound coming revolution in computing that is more personal and intimate to the average user: it's going to go with you EVERYWHERE in the near future. (That might be a good thing, as looking for instant info on Brentwood restaurants while I'm driving through West L.A. can be really useful). Apparently, Computer repair in Los Angeles is won't just be about responding to calls for service- we'll have to be more mobile than ever  because computer users will be also.

Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini sees personal computing being integrated in nearly every aspect of people's lives, and he wants Intel processors to be the center of all that technology.

During his Thursday keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nev., Otellini demonstrated advances in mobile device applications, 3D content, smartphones and areas not usually thought of in personal computing, namely home energy management and digital signage.

"Computing is no longer confined to your computer -- it's everywhere," Otellini said.

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