Introducing the $12 computer

Folks at have found a way to use primitive PCs to help kids learn by bringing affordable computer learning to the 90 percent of people who can't afford a a $100 computer.

The $100 laptop has several components that makes it expensive such as its screen and own power system and a faster processor but is trying to offer something different by not creating a new machine, but instead builds on something that already exists.

The idea came from seeing a system on sale as "TV computers" in Mumbai; From this vision they are creating a system that is small enough to be contained within a full-size keyboard and sold for mere dollars. ($12 to be exact) It may not be powerful enough to run YouTube or surf the Internet at high speed, it is great for educational games and related ideas.

The games that the are developing for the 8-bit computer will deliver educational software and learning games to children in developing countries

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