Have your books been Kindle-d?

This winter there is a new kind of Kindle that is hot. It's not the itty bitty sticks or Duraflame of the past, but an electronic book system.  In 2008, Amazon.com caused a stir when it announced its Kindle device for reading e-books.  Many were very critical of the development (and Sony's competing device), saying that nothing could replace the feel of flipping pages.  Yet sales sored as customers were drawn to the book's sleek look and ability to conveniently store hundreds of electronic titles and navigate through them without physically turning a page.

Now Amazon.com has announced that the Kindle was its top selling gadget for 2008, beating out the likes of the Nintendo DS, PSP, and others.  Apparently, the hot new gadget topped every list it was eligible for, except the most positive comments category, which was topped by the Samsung 46-inch LCD high-definition TV. 

However, the list that put it at the top came from Midas herself, Oprah Winfrey.  She mentioned it on her show as one of the best new gadgets of 2008.  She argued that for those who keep up with the latest titles, the $359 price tag quickly vanishes as the latest titles are available for $10 or less, saving the user lots of money in the long run.  This wonderful annointment from the queen blasted the Kindle sales.

All I can say is, Thank You Oprah.  There are many a critic who may dismiss the importance or justification of your influence over millions of viewers.  But you are once again, promoting something that gets people to turn off their t.v.'s and gaming devices.  You are encouraging people to read and support the literary world.  Hopefully more people will know what's on the best seller's lists instead of best dressed lists.

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