Digsby Takes To Bundling In A Big Way

Digsby, the popular instant messenger client has been accused of bundling. Apparently, the program installs 6 "optional" and unneccessary applications during a typical install.

There are many popular freeware applications that bundle crapware into their setup files, prompting you during the installation process to install something you didn't sign up for—like the Yahoo/Ask.com/SomeRandomCompany browser toolbar. Experienced users may consider this nothing more than an annoyance, but this practice preys on unsuspecting or less knowledgeable users that click "Next" through every setup screen.

Digsby takes bundled crapware to a whole different level. During the install you are prompted for not one, but six different pieces of junk software, and in addition, they offer to replace your home page with something terrible.

The only way to completely avoid greedy software developers exploition attempts is to stick with open source, make sure to donate to your favorite open source projects, and stop installing software with bundled crapware. Courtesy of lifehacker.com

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