Dell Trying To Go A Bit Greener

Computer companies are not known for their efficient packaging.  A disc and 50 page instruction manual will arrive in a box the size of a dictionary.  An entirely new system will arrive in enough boxes to make it look like you are moving out of state.  Well, apparently, the packaging people at Dell are trying to do what they can to limit the waste, but maintain the protection.

Dell recently announced that it is launching a new initiative to get really green by reducing packaging materials for its desktops and laptops by 10 percent in the next four years. The company says this would result in saving the company about $8 million.  Not too shabby for the earth or the bottom line. 

What is nice to know about the attention to this detail is that it came from bloggers and employees.  In other words, someone in an office was paying attention to the customers.  For example, in February 2008, bloggers complained that Dell shipped tiny memory sticks in large cardboard boxes.  Supposedly, the next day a team was set up to figure out how to resolve the issue.  However my favorite example of where the Dell folks are finding inspiration is from a bar.  That's right, alcohol and work just may still go together (but don't tell your boss or mine that I said so!).  Apparently after setting up multiple servers, each with their own packaging, the team went out to celebrate.  A lovely six pack bottle carrier inspired the idea that perhaps they could have sent a couple of the servers together. 

You just never know where inspiration will strike.  These examples remind us why Dell continues to be a leader in it's field.  Now if they could also use boxes made of recycled paper....

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