Dell Gives a Preview of It’s Slim Notebook

Have you seen the Mac that fits in the envelope? Or the slick way more and more screens look like plasma t.v.'s?  Well, Dell gave a preview to the people at of their super-hot Adamo.  Like the Inspiron label, the Adamo will be the first in a series.  Although they didn't get to turn it on or explore "under the hood", apparently it did wow them.

It's really small, less than an inch thick and the 13-inch screen rumor seems accurate.  Based on first glance, it seems to be built very well, yet a complete smudge magnet.  You can see the finger prints quickly spreading over a super-glossy display and a shiny black panel like the Studio XPS series on the lid. 

As for expansion opportunities... they noticed three USB ports and an eSATA jack. The power adapter is crazy small, with a removable plug for international use. The design is somewhat reminiscent of the Envy 133 with its squared-off shape, but it's still feels unique. While they didn't put in any quality time on the keyboard, it felt solid enough.

As mentioned before, the true problem is this could only be a review of looks, hopes and educated guesses.  Until the fingers can tap tap at the pretty keys and click away, it's just another pretty image. Hopefully Dell comes clean on specs and pricing sometime soon.  It will be wonderful for there to be some muscle under that hood.

If you want to see some pictures, please check out

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