Comcast’s Usage Limits (Meter Not Included)

Back in October, Comcast imposed monthly usage limits as a method of keeping network hogs from slowing down speeds for other, more conservative customers. But upon the new rules' implementation, the only tool provided to help customers keep an eye on how much broadband they were using was McAfee's Security Suite. While the program is free, the software tool can only track bandwidth use on the machine it is installed on, useless from networked mobile phones, game consoles, or any other household computers.

But Comcast's Web-based broadband meter, rumored to be released back in January, is still not available to consumers. According to Comcast representatives, it still isn't ready for public consumption, as it's undergoing even more employee trials before being released. This means that users have to continue putting up with accidentally going over their limit, which is punishable by termination of service after a second offense.

Comcast refused to give any further details on the as yet unreleased utility, but considering the cap was released almost one year go,  frustrated users should remain at bay given a fall release. Courtesy of

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