Apple on Sale?! Oh My.

That's right, the day after Thanksgiving, more commonly known as Black Friday, Apple will be offering discounts on many products, supposedly up to 15%. However, for many businesses Black Friday this year may be called "Help Keep Us Out of the Red" Friday. So Apple is playing their equivalent of hardball by giving discounts rarely allowed by Mr. Jobs and co.

Of course, this is not the slashing of prices so many other products will receive, but it’s more retail aggressiveness than we’ve seen from Apple. It usually keeps its resellers on a short leash and limits its sales to Black Friday, Back to School and the occasional close-out. However, starting Wednesday the white MacBook which normally lists for $999 will already be available at a variety of in store and on line places for as low as $868.99. Apple Stores will match advertised pricing from others. They have even sent their own promo out for unknown discounts to be available Friday only.

No. This is not an Apple promotion. This is a sign of the tighter economic times we live in. This is an excellent example of just how great the efforts are for retailers to have you spend what little holiday cash you have on their products. There are only so many "door busters" and "coupons" and tug-of-wars over the cashmere sweater for $39.99 at 7:00 am this Friday that you can get to. Although Apple is far from the red, their world is apparently getting rocked enough to make these discounts available. So buyer enjoy the best you can, be it at Apple or elsewhere. Happy Shopping Days.

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