Another day, another malware infection defeated

As this is my second blog, I have to wonder what my angle is.  I realize that there are millions of blogs so why would anybody read mine?  It isnt like it has the mass appeal of but I am hoping that it may find it's way into the hearts of the common computer do-it-yourselfers.  After all, I know that I would have loved to know more about what the life of a real bad-code counter-puncher was like.  I hope there will be some information that is helpful to the world.  Eventually I will find a better, more interesting angle but for now I will just write about what happens.

Today I went to Boston Pizza Company to deal with a surveillance DVR with my friend John Vaughan, owner of  It was a quick appointment.  The owner complained about not being able to remotely view his surviellance cameras.  So I opened up a command prompt and pinged the dvr with a laptop.  Strangely enough I kept receiving a "hardware error" message intermittently.  I had never seen this message via a ping command but upon physical inspection of the modem/router, it saw that it was completely unstable and the lights were blinking wildly.  So it was a bad unit.  End of story.

My next appointment had me doing battle with the burrito.exe virus.  I eradicated it and that was that.  The cool thing was that my appointment was on my client's boat.  And a gigantic boat it was.  Anyway, I have been using the SuperAntispyware program located at and I think that it is a great little program.  You cant beat the free version.  I think it is better than spybot search and destroy.

My new website is coming along nicely.  Check it out at  Many thanks to Bob Bell at Full Blown Studios for the amazing job he is doing.  Please suppport this company.  We need more quality businesses in the word.   Check it out at

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