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Word Works Around the Court

Microsoft has just started offering something of a patch for its extremely popular Word software, allowing it to comply with the recent court ruling which banned the software giant from selling copyright infringing versions of the word processing product which contained a custom XML feature. Kevin Kutz, Microsoft’s director of public affairs, said in a…
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Microsoft Promises Choices to the EU Commission

Microsoft's offer of allowing Windows users to choose which Internet browser they use has been accepted by the European Commission, ending its antitrust investigation of the company's impressive position in the browser market. The company promises it will offer users of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 a choice screen through which they can…
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Microsoft Gives 7 Its First Patches

Today, Microsoft announced that it will release its largest-ever number of security updates this Tuesday in order to fix flaws in all versions of Windows. With the addition of updates for Internet Explorer, SQL Server, Office, other important developer tools and the enterprise-grade Forefront Security client software, it's going to be a busy Tuesday. The…
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PC/Mac Divide is Crossed

According to new research by NPD, more than eight out of ten Mac owners also own a PC. The survey revealed that 12% of North American households with computers own a Mac. But out of these, 85% also own a Windows PC. This confirms a long standing suspicion that thdivide between Mac and PC users is nowhere near as…
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Google’s Chrome Frame Gains Enemies

Just released last week, Google's browser plug-in Chrome Frame is already causing a stir. The plug- in allows IE6, IE7 and IE8 users to utilize Chrome browser's WebKit rendering engine, as well as its high-performance V8 JavaScript engine. Google originally pitched it as a way to instantly improve the performance of the always unsatisfactory Internet…
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Microsoft’s ActiveX Bug Remains Unpatched

The latest Microsoft vulnerability is being attacked at an alarmingly increasing rate. Several security companies warned consumers today as the developing threat prompted Symantec to raise their Threatcon ranking to the second of four steps. Sunbelt Software, and SANS' Internet Storm Center also bumped their warnings yesterday after Microsoft announced that the well known ActiveX…
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YouTube Phases Out IE6

Unsurprisingly, it appears that the Google company’s YouTube will be phasing out support for Microsoft’s infamous Internet Explorer 6 browser, news that arrived via multiple user encounters with a warning message stating that the site would be ‘phasing out support’ for a certain browser soon. A logical move for certain, there are many consumers glad…
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Office 2010 Changes

In the slew of new features coming with Office 2010, the biggest will be the collection of online applications that ship alongside the desktop software itself. Lightweight browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, will be included, allowing users to carry on working when they're not in front of their regular PC. Microsoft says…
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