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Hackers Use Amazon’s Cloud

Security researchers for Amazon recently spotted the Zeus botnet running an unauthorized command and control center on the company's EC2 cloud computing infrastructure. This is the first known time that Amazon Web Services' cloud infrastructure has been used for this type of illegal activity, according to onw of the security researchers in question. The hackers…
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Accused Pedophiles Framed by Viruses

Internet viruses can do a variety of sinister things, but making someone an unsuspecting collector of child pornography is up there with the worst. Heinous pictures and videos can be deposited on a computer by a virus — malicious programs better known for swiping credit card numbers. In this twist, reputations are stolen. An Associated…
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Computer hacker Costs a Kentucky County over 415,000 dollars

The crooks were aided by more than two dozen co-conspirators in the United States, as well as a strain of malicious software capable of defeating online security measures put in place by many banks. ...the trouble began on June 22, when someone started making unauthorized wire transfers of ten thousand or less from the county's…
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