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Congress Commits to Fighting Piracy

Recently, the United States Congress agreed to provide $30 million in new funding to put towards the battle against piracy. On Monday, authorities reported another victory on the piracy front- great success on a recent year-end piracy crackdown which is code-named Operation Holiday Hoax. These new pledged funds will target personnel and programs which were…
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Russia and U.S. Talk Internet Security

The United States has begun planning talks with Russia and a United Nations arms control committee to strengthen Internet security and limit military use of cyberspace. American and Russian officials have very different interpretations of the talks so far, but the simple fact that the United States is even participating represents a significant policy shift…
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Recovery.gov Still Not Accessible

Recovery.gov, a heavily advertised government-run transparency site that relaunched on Monday after criticisms about it's actual content, still fails to meet the federal government's accessibility standards or and practices. The non-compliance issues relate mostly to display of data tables -- an essential point given the site's motto of "Data, Data & More Data." This is…
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July 4th Cyber Attack Continues

A surprisingly sophisticated computer attack that was first noticed July 4 has compromised the Web sites of several government agencies. Agncies specifically tasked with fighting cyber crime are included on this list. Over the holiday weekend, The Treasury Department, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission and Transportation Department Web sites were all down for a time,…
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