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Google Investigating Employees in China

The Guardian is reporting that Google China is investigating its staff about The Incident. ""We're not commenting on rumor and speculation. This is an ongoing investigation and we simply cannot comment on the details," a Google spokeswoman said. Security analysts told Reuters the malicious software or malware used in the attack was a modification of…
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Google Docs to Allow Storage of Any File Type

Google is opening up its Docs hosted office productivity suite so that users can store any type of file in it, giving the popular software-as-a-service product an important online storage component. The functionality will be rolled out over the coming weeks to all Docs users, both the ones who use the stand-alone suite as well…
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Google’s Dashboard Assists Users; But Does it Fix the Problem?

Today, Google took a vital step in helping to answer the question on everyone's minds: What does Google really know about me? The company unvailed Google Dashboard, which is designed to allow users to see and control the extensive amount of data that Google has stored in its servers about them. The company said that…
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Google’s Big Plans

Google has always withheld the number of servers running in its data centers, but at a recent ACM workshop presentation, Google engineer Jeff Dean showed that the company is in preparations to manage as many as 10 million servers in the future. One of the keynote speakers on large-scale computing systems, Dean discussed some of…
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Google’s Neglected Library

In light of Google's recent push for a book settlement, their past is being considered and it's true to say that it's surprisingly unmarred. In this specific market however, Google has made mistakes. The worst of these is known as Usenet A massive internet and dial-up-based message board system brought to life in 1980. For…
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Google’s Chrome Frame Gains Enemies

Just released last week, Google's browser plug-in Chrome Frame is already causing a stir. The plug- in allows IE6, IE7 and IE8 users to utilize Chrome browser's WebKit rendering engine, as well as its high-performance V8 JavaScript engine. Google originally pitched it as a way to instantly improve the performance of the always unsatisfactory Internet…
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Google Acquires reCAPTCHA

On Wednesday, Google took a major step in accelerating its efforts to scan tens of millions of books and periodicals. ReCAPTCHA, a well-known provider of CAPTCHA technology, is used to prevent spammers from using computers to automatically register for online services. By requiring users to type randomly chosen words that appear as images, the "Completely…
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Google Books Sees Another Obstacle

Tuesday, the continuing opposition to Google Books settlement took a turn, as civil rights groups told a federal court that they believe the plan to digitize millions of books will threaten readers’ privacy. These groups include The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic of the University…
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YouTube Phases Out IE6

Unsurprisingly, it appears that the Google company’s YouTube will be phasing out support for Microsoft’s infamous Internet Explorer 6 browser, news that arrived via multiple user encounters with a warning message stating that the site would be ‘phasing out support’ for a certain browser soon. A logical move for certain, there are many consumers glad…
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Google’s Ambition in Chrome OS

For years, Google has been predicting a future of web based applications and open-source operating systems. It seems that in announcing the inevitable arrival of Chrome OS, they are creating that landscape themselves. An open-source operating system for netbooks and other computers, Google could be on to something. Characterizing Chrome OS as an attempt to…
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