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Exploiting Weakness in RSA Security Technology

Three University of Michigan computer scientists say they have found a way to exploit a weakness in RSA security technology used to protect everything from media players to smartphones and e-commerce servers. RSA authentication is susceptible, they say, to changes in the voltage supply to a private key holder. While guessing the 1,000-plus digits of…
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Hackers Use Amazon’s Cloud

Security researchers for Amazon recently spotted the Zeus botnet running an unauthorized command and control center on the company's EC2 cloud computing infrastructure. This is the first known time that Amazon Web Services' cloud infrastructure has been used for this type of illegal activity, according to onw of the security researchers in question. The hackers…
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Companies Train Autistic Employees

A steadily growing movement has begun around the world,  in an effort to help transform the unique attributes of high-functioning autistic adults into sought-after job skills. This movement would also, some proponents say, make use of a large portion of the population that has been completely ignore up till now. The company Specialisterne in Denmark…
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Accused Pedophiles Framed by Viruses

Internet viruses can do a variety of sinister things, but making someone an unsuspecting collector of child pornography is up there with the worst. Heinous pictures and videos can be deposited on a computer by a virus — malicious programs better known for swiping credit card numbers. In this twist, reputations are stolen. An Associated…
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