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Hackers Use Amazon’s Cloud

Security researchers for Amazon recently spotted the Zeus botnet running an unauthorized command and control center on the company's EC2 cloud computing infrastructure. This is the first known time that Amazon Web Services' cloud infrastructure has been used for this type of illegal activity, according to onw of the security researchers in question. The hackers…
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Companies Train Autistic Employees

A steadily growing movement has begun around the world,  in an effort to help transform the unique attributes of high-functioning autistic adults into sought-after job skills. This movement would also, some proponents say, make use of a large portion of the population that has been completely ignore up till now. The company Specialisterne in Denmark…
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Intel Sued by New York Attorney General

Andrew Cuomo, New York Attorney General, has recently filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the microprocessor maker Intel which alleges that the company engaged in a "systematic campaign" of illegal conduct in order to protect a monopoly.The New York lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware on Wednesday, accuses Intel of extracting exclusive agreements from large computer…
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IBM and Canonical Get Competitive

A few weeks back, IBM and Canonical, the head sponsor of Ubuntu Linux, announced a plan to deliver Linux desktops and software to Africa. The effort was originally announced over a year ago, in August of 2008 as the Microsoft-free PC Effort. The basic idea was to have a Linux operating system with IBM smart client applications…
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Google’s Big Plans

Google has always withheld the number of servers running in its data centers, but at a recent ACM workshop presentation, Google engineer Jeff Dean showed that the company is in preparations to manage as many as 10 million servers in the future. One of the keynote speakers on large-scale computing systems, Dean discussed some of…
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PC/Mac Divide is Crossed

According to new research by NPD, more than eight out of ten Mac owners also own a PC. The survey revealed that 12% of North American households with computers own a Mac. But out of these, 85% also own a Windows PC. This confirms a long standing suspicion that thdivide between Mac and PC users is nowhere near as…
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Windows Vista Takes a Dive

Last month, Microsoft's Windows Vista lost market share for the first time in about 20 months, an indicator of users already abandoning the much ridiculed operating system in favor of the new Windows 7. According to Net Applications, Vista dropped a whole 0.2 percentage points during September, ending the month with an 18.6% presence in…
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