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PC Fixer has invested somewhat in Search Engine Optimization and is somewhat happy with the results.  As we have learned, the whole process is part science and part art.  That is because the algorhythm that Google and other search engines use is a closely held secret.  For example, we have learned that there are hundreds of different factors that determine search engine rank for particular keywords.  How your site is designed, outside links and the site's overall content are three of the biggest factors.  Although each search engine places different values on every factor, focusing your efforts on these three factors will serve to increase your search engines rankings acrross the board.

PC Fixer's focus on SEO has been to get more business in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Playa del Rey, Culver City and Venice.  We have been very successful with certain terms and certain areas but we still have some work ahead.  Throughout our search engine optimization efforts, PC Fixer has also learned some very interesting things that are helpful to our clients.  In fact  we have been offering search engine consultations and optimation plans to our clients.  We know of some valuable secrets that will help our clients.  Although I cant give them away here, there are some fantastic things we have done to get us great search engine results that are pretty easy to do.  We look forward to helping our clients achieve better rankings and ultimately grow their business through the internet.  If you are reading this you may be somebody who can help.  Give us a call sometime for a free phone consultation.

Robert Portillo - Owner

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