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PC Fixer Is the Number One Choice for Santa Monica Netbook Repairs

Santa Monica netbook repairs -

Santa Monica netbook repairs from PC Fixer are the convenient, affordable way to keep your netbook working at peak efficiency.

Whether you need a computer repair, software updates or upgrades, tuneups or hardware replacement, PC Fixer is the answer. We offer laptop and notebook repair solutions that any computer user can afford, and our quick turnaround times are the best in the industry.  Our home computer services and business computer services feature competitive rates, and our Santa Monica netbook repairs will get you back on the go quickly.

One of the most common type of failures we encounter when performing Santa Monica netbook repairs is a loose or faulty power jack.  That's good news for our Santa Monica customers. Unlike our competition, we stock the parts necessary for this and other common repairs, which lowers the turnaround time for a computer repair to as little as  24 - 48 hours. If you bring your laptop, netbook, or notebook computer in for repairs, we can often fix minor problems while you wait.

Santa Monica Netbook Repairs for any Make or Model

PC Fixer offers quality repair, upgrades, modifications, and replacements on all makes and models of netbooks, laptops, and notebooks at competitive rates.  We service HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Compaq, Apple, Mac, Lenovo, Gateway, Panasonic, Samsung, NEC and many more.  We're also one of the few shops offering computer repair in Los Angeles that works on high-end gaming computers like Alienware products. You can rely on us as our team of highly trained technicians that have many years of experience.

Before proceeding with any repair work, we run diagnostic tests that pinpoint the exact cause of the malfunction.  After your laptop is thoroughly analyzed, we contact you with a report and estimate for the computer repairs.  We can also send you a quote for your laptop parts.

Common Santa Monica Netbook Repairs

Or customer in Santa Monica rely on us for every kind of home computer service as well as business computer services, including small business IT support. Our most common repairs are things like motherboard repair, LCD laptop screen repair, data recovery, hard drive upgrades, office virus removal and minor repairs to accessories like power supply jacks.

Other services provided by PC Fixer include fixing faulty circuit boards, laptop repairs,  broken or dropped cases, new hard drives, and new keyboards.

Whether you are a freelancer, independent sales rep, or a small business, PC Fixer can help you get your business laptop up and running.  If you need regular small business computer service, our company also offers customized service contacts to help manage your laptop repair needs.

Helpful Tips From the Santa Monica Netbook Repairs Experts

For a laptop that has been dropped, first re-seat the connectors inside. Then try re-seating the memory module, the wireless card, then the CPU. Do these steps in this order until one of them solves the problem. As a last resort, disassemble the laptop and start assembling it again from scratch.

It is never a good idea to open a laptop case that is still under warranty. No matter your level of experience or expertise, leave it to the professionals if the warranty is still good. Opening a laptop automatically ends the warranty and rather than having some of the costs covered, you will be on your own.

Most laptop parts are not interchangeable (with the exception of memory and hard drives). An excellent source for finding correct part numbers is Spare Parts Warehouse. By entering the vendor/model line, choosing laptop series and model, you can find the part you need. Then search for the part by number for an inexpensive replaacement part.

PC Fixer has been servicing multi-computer office environments and home PC users in the greater Los Angeles area since 2001.  No other computer service center in the area has been doing quality and courteous work as long as PC Fixer.  We offer computer service and support you can always depend on.

PC Fixer provides computer repair and computer service for your home or office equipment anywher in the greater Los Angeles area. Our computer technicians will work one-on-one with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.  Our computer technicians are trained and qualified, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable.


We take the time to get to know you and your business computing needs. All of our services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of our customers  PC Fixer offers preventive maintenance programs for offices or homes with any number of machines.  Prevent computer problems before they happen!

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