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PC Fixer offers a full slate of Redondo Beach computer repairs that anyone can afford.

If you’re looking for Redondo Beach computer repairs, PC Fixer is the answer to your search. We're proud of our commitment to integrity and providing expert, affordable, comprehensive solutions, PC Fixer has been happily serving the greater Los Angeles area for more than 8 years.

Investing in a computer is a lot like buying a car. Both are necessary when living in Los Angeles, and both need regular maintenance if they're going to keep running smoothly. Just like a car, the cost of a computer repair should always be compared to the cost of replacing the device entirely.

Luckily, computers only have a few moving parts inside, like a hard drive, media drives, and a cooling fan. Over time, these parts are bound to fail eventually due to wear and dust. Even the non-moving parts, such as the memory, motherboard, CPU and video card can fail, usually due to heat and age.

PC Fixer Makes Redondo Beach Computer Repairs More Affordable

The good news is that the majority of computer repairs are affordable if they’re taken care of in a timely manner. PC Fixer will determine the cause of your problem as the first step to repairing your computer. Computer repairs are broken down into two categories: hardware or software. Hardware problems are relatively easy to diagnose, but also have a slightly higher price tag to fix. Software problems are generally less pricey, because they can be solved using other software and therefore just take the time of a technician.

Computers can also suffer from virus and adware problems. Minor infections can typically be cleared up easily, but if your system has become heavily infected, the only safe recourse is a system reload. A system reload consists of saving your important data, and then reformatting the entire system. This gives you a clean slate to reload the operating system.

Redondo Beach Computer Repairs On the Go

PC Fixer is a mobile computer services company. This means that when you need  computer repair service, there's no need to break down your computer and haul it through traffic, drop it off, and then go back to pick it up once it's fixed. PC Fixer is happy to come to you. We serve both home and business customers, and we'll be there promptly when you call.

Have a computer problem that has you stumped? You can call on us for all of your computer tech support questions. We promise to do our best to solve whatever computer problem you may be experiencing. In the event that we can’t help you over the phone, we’ll come to your home or office to get the job done.

Is your computer running slow? Rather than purchasing a brand new computer, PC Fixer can determine what is causing the issue, and how you can go about getting it back to its former performance. It may be that it needs a component upgrade, which allows you to keep your existing system and software. Upgrades can cost a fraction of the price of a new system.

There may come a time when you find yourself using more programs than you did when you first purchased your computer. Or maybe you're finding yourself running out of room on your hard drive. These problems could be fixed with a new computer. But they could be solved just as easily with a computer upgrade.


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Save Money With Computer Upgrades From PC Fixer

Here are a few computer upgrades we offer that can keep your computer running while using it to run the most up-to-date programs:

Add More Memory

If your computer seems sluggish during normal activity, but is free of spyware infection, you might benefit from a RAM upgrade.

Video Card Upgrade

Graphics-intensive programs like video games can cause performance problems. A new video card can keep your new games running on your old machine.

CPU Upgrade

After a certain point, additional memory won't improve performance. Upgrading the Central Processing Unit will allow your computer to handle modern web browsing and computer programs.

Hard Drive Upgrade/Addition

Data intense applications like photos and video can quickly fill up your hard drives. Let PC Fixer increase your hard drive size, or add additional drives for more storage or backup.

Computers are very intricate devices, and while we have listed some of the services that we offer, this is not an all inclusive list. Call PC Fixer with any question you have about your computer, laptop, tablet, or Internet-connected device, and we'll be able to help you.

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