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PC Fixer will help reshape the way you think about the computer service industry. Finally, a customer-oriented technical and computer support company you can rely on for PC Repair (or Mac) time and time again! We were rated the Best Computer Service in Los Angeles by an independent survey. We're a certified computer support company for both Mac and WIndows computers, same-day computer repairs and free data recovery diagnostics at industry-low rates throughout the L.A. metropolitan area.

All of our computer service options are at easy to find: business computer support, home technical support, computer drop-off service, and laptop/desktop on-site messenger support.  Whether you are a small office or large corporation, you may outsource your technical needs to us for certified, reliable, cost-effective IT solutions.  We make business computer service easy. You'll receive top tech support with the utmost care and professionalism.

For home computer users, expect priority treatment for your computer inquiries.  Whether a business or home, we understand you are looking for expertise, reliability, and swift attention.  Look no more with the experts at PC Fixer.  You will receive #1 rated computer service due to our genuine concern and dedication to satisfy your technical concerns and objectives.  Our qualified technicians will take your computer network to another level and impart the IT knowledge necessary to make you comfortable going forward.

Los Angeles Computer Repair for Business by PC Fixer

If you're a business in the Los Angeles area, you know how competitive the local economy can be. You need to rely on your computer infrastructure to work flawlessly so that you can concentrate on your customers -- and your bottom line.

PC Fixer makes it easy to set and forget your business computer network. We offer comprehensive business computer services, including secure remote network monitoring. Other specialties available to you are: IT outsourcing, technical recruitment, website design and SEO services, HTML and Cold Fusion programming, security and protection, research, computer searches for lost data, data protection and encryption, tutoring, training, and much more. Contact PC Fixer for fast on-site support today.  Don't forget, we are the fastest, quality computer services in Los Angeles.

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The Most Common Los Angeles Computer Repair Services We Perform

PC & Mac support
Server, desktop, and laptop repairs
Networking & wireless solutions
Data recovery & back-ups
IT outsourcing & recruiting
Qualified IT network support
Desktop, and help desk expertise
Business computer support
Network maintenance solutions
Server support
Network support
Computer support consulting
Data recovery service
Onsite computer support
Virus removal
Spyware removal
Home network installation
Wireless internet network support
Advanced email support
Great help desk support
Desktop analyst
Information technology analyst
Technical consultant

Computer Tech Support
Computer Repair / Troubleshooting
Computer Set Up / Installation
Computer On Site Support
Computer On Site Installation
Computer On Site Repair / Troubleshooting
Computer On Site Set Up / Installation
Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery
Computer Hard Drive Data Transfer
Computer Hard Drive Installation
Computer Hard Drive Repair / Replacement / Upgrade
Computer Video Card Repair / Upgrade
Computer Video Card Replacement
Computer CD-ROM, CDR-W, DVD Repair / Upgrade
Computer CD-ROM, CDR-W, DVD Replacement
Computer RAM / Memory Repair
Computer RAM / Memory Replacement / Upgrade
Computer DSL / Cable / Set Up / Troubleshooting
Computer DSL / Cable Repair / Installation
Computer Wireless Internet Set Up
Computer Wireless Internet Repair / Troubleshooting
Computer Wireless Router Installation
Computer Wireless Router Internet Set Up
Computer Wireless Router Repair / Troubleshooting
Computer File, Folder, Printer Sharing
Computer File, Folder, Printer Troubleshooting
Computer Networking Support
Computer On Site Networking Support
Computer Ad Ware / Spy Ware Removal Services

Computer Networking Installation
Computer Networking Repair / Troubleshooting
Computer Printer Installation
Computer Printer Networking Troubleshooting
Computer Printer Networking Repair / Installation
Computer Dial-Up Internet Set Up
Computer Dial-Up Internet Repair / Installation
Computer CPU Installation / Replacement
Computer CPU Fan Repair / Replacement
Computer Motherboard Installation / Replacement
Computer Floppy Repair
Computer Floppy Installation / Replacement
Computer Zip Drive Repair
Computer Zip Drive Installation / Replacement
Computer Modem Repair
Computer Modem Installation / Replacement
Computer Networking Repair
Computer Networking Installation / Troubleshooting
Computer USB Replacement
Computer USB Repair / Troubleshooting
Computer Virus Removal / Installation
Computer Software Installation
Computer Windows Installation
Computer Windows Repair / Troubleshooting
Computer Power In Plug Repair
Computer Power Supply Installation
Computer Power Supply Repair / Replacement
Computer Cleaning Maintenance
Computer Cleaning Maintenance Contracts

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