Laptop Repair in the Los Angeles Area

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Los Angeles Notebook and Laptop Repair

laptop repair- computer repair in Los Angeles

Need a laptop repair in Los Angeles? LA PC Fixer has the trained and experienced staff you're looking for.

Laptops and notebooks have become crucial elements of modern everyday life. Their mobility and connectivity make them enormously useful tools for both personal and businesses applications. When you need a notebook or laptop repair, the technicians at PC Fixer understand that you need fast, reliable service. And we deliver it.

Whether your laptop needs repairs, upgrades, a tune-up, or hardware replacement, PC Fixer offers the best laptop repair service in Los Angeles. We feature competitive rates for businesses and homes anywhere the greater Los Angeles area.  No matter what make or model of machine you have, our experts are trained to work with it.

Laptop Repairs for any Brand

PC Fixer is equipped and trained to handle repairs on almost any kind of laptop. If you need anything from a minor Macbook repair to a major Toshiba laptop repair, we're ready to help. Here are some of the most popular brands we service:

You can rely on the highly trained technicians at PC Fixer. We bring years of experience to bear on whatever problem you are facing. Before any repair work is done, we run a complete set of diagnostic tests in order to correctly determine the malfunction. After this analysis, we report our findings to you, and then provide a detailed estimate for the necessary repairs. Please check out our Rates Page for more information about the cost of services.

Common Laptop Repairs

One of the most common laptop failures is a loose or faulty power jack. Our PC Fixer consultants frequently see this problem, and they have plenty of experience with this type of fix. The average turnaround time for this repair runs about 24 - 48 hours.

It is never a good idea to open a laptop case that is still under warranty. No matter what your level of experience, it's better to leave this task to professionals if the warranty is still in force. Opening a laptop automatically ends the warranty and rather than having some of the costs covered, you will be on your own.

If the laptop has been dropped, the solution may be as simple as re-seating interior components that have come loose. The components for laptops are generally not interchangeable, which is another reason to bring your machine to a trained expert.

PC Fixer Is L.A.'s Best Laptop Repair Service

Our technicians can handle even tricky laptop repairs like:

  • Motherboard repair
  • LCD repair
  • Data recovery
  • Faulty circuit boards
  • Repair or replacement of broken or dropped hard drives
  • Keyboard repair or replacement
  • Laptop jacks -- and more!

We Keep Our Business Customers In Business

Whether you are an individual freelancer, independent sales rep, or a small business, PC Fixer can help you get your laptop up and running. Our company offers customized service contracts for small businesses to help you manage your laptop repair needs. Located in the greater Los Angeles area and ready to come to you, our computer repair technicians will work one-on-one with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We take the time to get to know you and your computing needs. We work with you to fully maximize your current equipment. We advise you on any upgrades or replacements that might be useful or necessary. All of our services are tailored to meet the individual requirements of our customers. PC Fixer offers preventive maintenance programs for offices or homes for any number of machines. Prevent computer problems before they happen! Call us today for expert laptop repairs and more.

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