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Los Angeles desktop computer repair from PC Fixer is the cost-effective way to keep your desktop computers and servers running perfectly.

For every computer problem you encounter, the experts at PC Fixer can provide a quick solution. Our highly trained service techs have been repairing desktop computers in the Los Angeles area for more than a decade.

Does your computer run slower than it did when it was new? PC Fixer can determine if this is caused by dust,  a  worn out cooling fan, or if it is caused by unnecessary or malicious software on your hard disk. When something goes wrong with your computer, have our specialists do an analysis of your machine first! It is possible that a simple low-cost computer repair is all that is necessary, not a complete replacement of your computer.

Los Angeles Desktop Computer Repair Just Got Easier

The team of professionals at PC Fixer has extensive training in providing repairs for all models of computers, whether you have a Windows or a Apple computer. Our expertise covers everything from the latest innovations from Apple back to some of the oldest models of personal computers. Our object is to keep your system in the best repair possible. We will secure replacement parts if necessary, as well as provide you with timely  maintenance for your system.

The best part? Almost all of the services PC Fixer provides are available without leaving your home or office. PC Fixer will send trained, certified, and insured computer techs to your door. They'll get your computer or laptop up and running in no time. They can even perform data recovery services on-site at your location to save you time -- and money.

Common Los Angeles Desktop Computer Repair Jobs

  • A thorough inspection and cleaning of your hardware
  • Operating system software tune-up and upgrades
  • Interior dust removal
  • Virus scanning and removal
  • Malware removal
  • Data recovery
  • Evaluation of background programs
  • Repair of physical components, like the motherboard, chips, hard disks
  • Making sure all your system peripherals are fully functional

Whatever repair needs you might have, our experts can be onsite with a speedy response. We can determine whether your problem lies with the software or the hardware. Our solutions are geared toward your needs and budget. We understand that individual users and small businesses do not have the resources that large companies do. That is why PC Fixer is ready to serve as your personalized IT Department, helping you with all your repair needs.

If your difficult issues extend beyond your machine itself, a PC Fixer expert can also assist you with any networking and Internet problem. Our staff can handle cabling, connectivity, and all the security precautions necessary to safely connect to the Internet. We are even ready to consult with you about planning your future computer requirements.

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