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Great business computer service begins with great security. PC Fixer offers the same high quality service to both businesses and home users.

PC Fixer knows that effective business computer service begins with great security. We've helped hundreds of small businesses in the Los Angeles area secure their networks and devices from snooping and malware infections.

We don't just ensure computer security for business customers. Home users also need to be more aware than ever of threats to their computers, handheld devices, and home networks. That's why we offer the same kinds of cutting-edge security services for home users as we do for our business computer service customers.

With the amount of sensitive information stored on today's devices, you need to make sure that you're ready to handle today's sophisticated Internet threats. It's difficult for the average computer user to know the best way to stay current with security best practices. When your tablet talks to your laptop, do you know if the connection is secure? Our professionally trained experts will make sure all your devices are protected.

Comprehensive Computer Security Isn't Just for Businesses

PC Fixer provides IT services to both residences and businesses. We're prepared to tackle both small and large security challenges. From individual users who want to protect personal information, to corporations that handle proprietary information, we know the appropriate security measures. We handle home office, personal computing, and business computer service throughout the greater Los Angeles area. We can help any user secure their computers and networks from any threat.

Home and Business Computer Service Security Options Include:

PC Fixer can provide our clients with the best security solutions for your computers and networks. We strike a balance between computer safety and performance. By consulting with our experts, you will be able to determine whether your data and usage require a hyper-secure maintenance program, or simply the best everyday virus prevention software. We recognize that everyone’s needs are different, and we are ready to tailor a solution specifically for you.

From diagnostic sweeps to security installation and on-going maintenance, PC Fixer delivers the best IT services in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Our specialists can scan your computer to identify hidden malware and remove the problems permanently. We can install the security programs that meet your needs and your budget. We can even provide remote network monitoring and maintenance if you need it.

Get the best in home and business computer service. Call PC Fixer today!

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